the women who stayed

“We were moms, we used painter’s tape”
A very subversive group—
The women who stayed.
who stayed behind in kitchens
baking bread from the
first supper to the last,
who gave their treasure
to the God who
gave all his away.
They did not run that Friday,
They walked with him.
Sobbed, wailed, as his blood—
the wine they gave—
gushed through his wounds,
into gutters,
emptied into the grave
But they had invested in this man.
they had faith—believed
credemus—he had their credit.
And insisted on a return in that investment.
If you must die, then
They said,
You’ll die a king
We won’t let the city crush you,
We can’t allow
You’re our God and we didn’t raise you
to fail like this.
After all we’ve done for you—this is
your gratitude?
Get up! Arise!
When we come back,
we’ll be bringing myrrh.
On our return, your sepulcher
had better be
tidy, clean, and empty

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