grace over bibimbap

As a Christian, I reject the two assumptions found in conventional economics: scarcity (to the contrary, God has created a world of abundance) and rational, self-seeking, utility-maximizing humanism (a competitive conception of human nature that I believe traduces our creation in the image and likeness of God). Eugene McCarraher, The Nation

Bless us oh Lord

For we cannot bless ourselves. We cannot wrest from this world something for us to hold onto and to merit without you.

And these thy gifts

Filled as they might be with parabens and chemicals, for all the sins that they hold, for all who have not been given their living wage in making them, for our distance from the earth, forgive them, hallow them, and may we take from them only blessing.

From thy bounty

That there is no scrimping or saving in God, there is not second-string contingency plans or backups. There is no place-holding. There is only Yes.
There is only gratuity.

Through Christ

He is the first-born of all creation. In him, all things hold together.

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