i can search anything

a sonnet for knowledge

Okay, so there was a lot of hubbub about these baptisms gone wrong.

The google function means that with a ctrl + C and a ctrl + V I can search for anything on the internet.

I keep tabs open on my Google Chrome browser like books in a library. But, eventually, I’ll lose them.

I’ll close them, the computer will crash, I’ll decide I can no longer function with over 200 pieces of internet open at once.

And there the knowledge goes again, back into the cloud.

I don’t know that I retained anything that was there. I kept it up on my computer to hold onto it, stocking my digital shelves.

But the internet is not a bookshelf. Knowledge is at your fingertips, but it’s always moving.

It doesn’t stay still. You can open it up, but it’s changed since last time you’ve seen it.

Knowledge isn’t something to ingest, but something to download.

Until your hard drive gets full. As mine do too often. Because I can’t let go of anything.

I thought knowledge was something to hold onto.

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